Our Story

We are engaged in the production of decorative facade and floor coverings from improved quality light and ultra-light concrete. All our products have a certificate from the IMS Institute in Belgrade. Frost resistance, hardness, capillary absorption of water, fire resistance class A and are safe for health. In our offer, in addition to classic concrete reinforced in composition and advanced with technical characteristics, there is the possibility of making the same models from light and ultra-light concrete, which, with reduced weight, facilitate the installation process.

The wall coverings that make up our production program are listed facade bricks models from Belgium, Germany, Stalactite and Rustic, we also produce stone models Bunja, Siga, Travertine imitation marble and imitation granite. We make floor coverings in several different formats with an average thickness of 2 cm micro-reinforced, with which we have achieved exceptional strength in addition to sand and the possibility of light traffic vehicles. The average thickness of our products is 1.5 – 2 cm. For each product, we have a technical sheet and technical instructions for the preparation of the substrate, the choice of glue, the choice of grout, as well as instructions for storage and transport. Our production is located in Gornji Milanovac at Save Kovacevica Street 38.

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